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OIS Emeth Krav Maga Paris, 16th

Emeth Krav Maga Paris group classes are led by Yéhuda Chicheportiche & Michaël Kadouch, accompanied by the school's instructors.

The ONLY address for OIS Emeth Krav Maga Paris is :
2 Villa Longchamp 75116 Paris!

Each class is built around a theme and according to the level of the students present.

Training is varied and intensive, from Monday evening to Thursday evening and Sunday mornings.

For further information or to take part in a trial class, please send an e-mail to:


des cours
Paris 16ème

- 19H30/21H30 : Cours Mixtes


- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Mixtes


- 17H00/18H00 : Cours Enfants

- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Femmes


- 20H00/21H30 : Cours Mixtes

- 21H30/22H30 : Cours Combat

- 10h30/12h30 : Cours Mixtes

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