OIS KRAV MAGA Paris group classes are open to all regardless of the level (beginner, medium, advanced) and are mixed. The duration of each course is 1h30.

The difference between the levels in the course lies in the wealth of techniques, the complexity of the problems addressed, the level of intensity of defense and the multitude of attacks.

During the course, we reproduce real situations from the street by all kinds of scenarios with courses of stress.

Students even beginners are thus faced with sudden attacks to awaken instinctive gesture of defense and immediate reflex

  • Work perception and prevention of danger (How to anticipate a problem and manage it)
  • Working reaction instinctive responsiveness (How to react quickly using proper defense)
  • Mental work, positive aggression (Enter stage battle to adopt the best defense in terms of the attack)

Throughout the course, themes and different scenarios are proposed:

  • A bare hands
  • With any type of weapons

Different exercises are provided:

  • One against one
  • Against a multiple offender
  • Working under disability etc.
  • Protecting a third party etc.

We also emphasize work confrontation with yourself, face unknown (distinct situations: standing, on the ground, sitting etc.) Men and women are mixed in the technical sessions, as well as during. fighting, and in the street. Mental work determination and self-control will play a very important role.

During the course, and depending on the subject, we will also work on building muscle, cardiovascular endurance.

des cours
Paris 16ème

- 19H30/21H30 : Cours Mixtes


- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Mixtes


- 17H00/18H00 : Cours Enfants

- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Femmes


- 20H00/21H30 : Cours Mixtes

- 21H30/22H30 : Cours Combat

- 10h30/12h30 : Cours Mixtes

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