What is the Operative Israeli System Emeth Krav Maga ?



Aaron Elbaze is the Founder and the Chief Instructor of the OIS Emeth Krav Maga.

He teaches Israeli Operative System (OIS) for many years and regularly travels to different regions in the world for the training of special services.

The OIS discipline initially dedicated to security units has been adapted and developed by Aaron Elbaze to the needs of civilians.

Beside the OIS development, Elbaze Aaron works in the sale of specific products for the law enforcement departments and is set up one of the largest training center for European Security and Counter Terrorism. Travelling in different parts of the globe, he trains and assists government agencies to fight against drug traffickers, crime and terrorism.

The Operative Israeli System comes directly from the original Krav Maga, the one created by IMI LICHTENFELD, whose philosophy was to give the fighter the basic tools needed to fight the enemy. Whatever the place, the environment, IMI LICHTENFELD’s philosophy was based on the need to defend itself quickly and without frills.

All these situations have called for new methods of defense and survival.

"We may not be the best, but unfortunately we have an unmatched level of experience"

The Operative Israeli System is the most specialized system in the survival response to terrorism and the fight against terrorism worldwide. The OIS was experienced by people who had to depend on to survive and continue to be employed by the military and police elite.

The OIS method is comprehensive and provides a depth of practical knowledge, these thanks to the unparalleled experience of Israeli security units and anti-terrorism. This comprehensive system of survival also covers all aspects of personal safety and teaches all types of fights, with or without weapons.

The OIS also integrates into the Ortho Emotion method, an Israeli rehabilitation method developed by Dr. Rachel Hazan Jerusalem specialist post-traumatic cases dedicated to the victims of attack and great emotional shock associated with violence.

With the OIS anyone can acquire various important concepts specific to survival:

  • Defuse aggression, anticipate and avoid confrontation,
  • The ability to predict violent behavior
  • Develop accuracy, evaluation and determination in the judgment,
  • Monitor and manage the massive hysteria (control and stress management)
  • The psychology of survival and fighting spirit,
  • Train the aggressiveness and the determination,
  • Fighting in the dark, in limited spaces or against multiple opponents
  • Handling weapons, anti-terrorism, hostage-taking, close protection, instinctive shooting ...

The OIS system has been validated by the Academic College at Wingate and is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Israel.

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