Which tactical shooting method? OIS Tactical Shooting (OISTS)!


Operative Israeli System Tactical Shooting

OISTS is the official combat shooting method used in the OIS (Operative Israeli System) survival system developed by Aaron ELBAZE.

Aaron ELBAZE is an international expert in the fight against terrorism and high crime and founding Master of the OIS Emeth Krav Maga.

OISTS is based primarily on the Israeli combat shooting method, enriched by the international experience of our expert instructors.

Israeli combat shooting: unrivalled experience and know-how

Since the birth of the State of ISRAEL, this country has had to contend not only with war, but also with constant tension and terrorism. This latent terrorism lurks around every corner, and not just in high-risk areas.

It is in this extremely heavy and difficult context that the Israeli shooting method was conceived. It is used successfully in combat by all the Israeli defense forces, elite police/army units, the various intelligence services, Israeli counter-terrorism, as well as by security guards and many civilians authorized to carry weapons.

Based on real performances, the Israeli combat shooting method is constantly evolving and calls on the mental and physical skills of operational personnel in Israel and around the world.

As a result, this method is uncompromising, efficient and unadorned. Based on operational reality, it adapts to the constant evolution of the enemy (Modus Operandi).

One objective: excellence!

No other system has been developed and tested to such exacting standards.

Designed for close combat and to respond to the violence of terrorist attacks, the Israeli firing method has a single objective: to quickly neutralize the threat simply, instinctively and aggressively.

In some parts of the world, many people own and carry firearms. But how many of them will be able to act and react effectively in a real confrontation, in close combat, under pressure and under fire?

Training methods:

Work under stress, shorten reaction time, develop aggressiveness and determination, speed of execution and precision! That's our method.

The operational and realistic nature of the training method calls on physical, psychological and tactical skills in a specific environment.

The emphasis is on developing instinctive reactions in stressful and unfamiliar situations, in order to perfect the defenses and reactions that can be most easily applied in the real world. Trainees develop confidence, composure and the ability to think and make rapid, appropriate decisions.

The method is now used by operational agencies as one of the most practical styles of training.

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