"Be a Leader"

Respect for oneself and others, is one of the basic principles of the OIS KRAV MAGA.

The course for teenager is primarily a comprehensive program to bring the youth to become a "Leader".

Through a specific pedagogy for teenagers, the course is built around moral values, a healthy state of mind to learn how to defend themselves and how to defend others

  • Learn how to analyze the actions of others that require the part of the adolescent physical response (do not fight for nothing, for example)
  • Learn to create their own life goals, have ambitions

The purpose of the OIS Krav Maga is not just to teach a technique of self-defense, but also to promote the development and behavior of adolescents:

  • Making the right choices

Learn to defend themselves against one or more opponents, and especially against adults.
They will also learn to fight against all forms of physical threats.

Finally, an important physical work will be done during the season in line with the growth of the teenagers.

Parents will be in close contact with the instructor to know the progress of their child, but also to communicate with the instructor to academic performance and behavior at home and in general.

Paris 16ème

-19H30/21H30 : Adult Group Class


- 18H00/19H00 : Kids Class

- 19H00/20H00 : Teenagers Class

- 20H00/22H00 : Adult Group Class

- 17H00/18H00 : Kids Class

- 18H00/19H00 : Kids Class

- 19H00/20H00 : Teenagers Class

- 20H00/22H00 : Women Class


- 20H00/21H30 : Adult Group Class

- 21H30/22H30 : Fighting Tactics

- 10h30/12h30 : Adult Group Class

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