Our class for women has become a reference for years to Paris.  During the past ten years, these courses have won media attention and have been the subject of television reports, newspaper articles and interviews to radios.

Our method with women is very specific. Language and pedagogy are then appropriate for women.

The course is very intensive: it will allow each student who has never practiced martial arts to learn how to manage their stress in a specific situation and their emotions when facing situations of danger, even before being attacked or hit by an attacker.

All forms of prevention will be studied, in order to recognize attitudes and attacks of the attacker:

  • Listen to his instincts
  • Increase your sense of perception
  • Do not wait to react
  • Make the right decisions
  • Overcoming her fears
  • Work under disability

They will learn the basic and essential steps to repel the aggressor and enter combat phase:

  • Become a warrior mentally and physically

Finally, during the course, they will strengthen their abilities, physical strength and become more "positive aggressiveness"

  • Tone and sculpt the body

des cours
Paris 16ème

- 19H30/21H30 : Cours Mixtes


- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Mixtes


- 17H00/18H00 : Cours Enfants

- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Femmes


- 20H00/21H30 : Cours Mixtes

- 21H30/22H30 : Cours Combat

- 10h30/12h30 : Cours Mixtes

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