Back to the origin

Where it all began: OIS Krav Maga's birthplace.

Thus, you will be able to get a better picture of our system and understand the background which leads to its development.

The Operative Israeli System Paris offers a "Training Camp" program of variable time (a week, 10 days or more). During this program, intensive trainings will be provided by experts from the security field scheduled for 8 hours of training per day, in a particular and unexpected scope.

The Training Camp includes:

  • OIS course
  • Training equipment (weapons and ammunition)
  • Conferences
  • Journeys and activities related to the "Training Camp" (like Paint Ball Tactic, journey to Massada & Jerusalem)
  • Accommodation
  • Morning, mid-day and evening meals

This program represents lot more than a simple seminar: it is a unique and intense moment with unforgettable memories.

To participate to this Training Camp in Israel, for any information about the courses of our system or management of specific private courses, feel free to contact us by email: contact@ekmp.fr

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