Classes are primarily intended to teach young kids respect for oneself and others, the basic principle of the OIS KRAV MAGA.

Children experience different phases of psychomotor development. Practicing the OIS enable to follow closely their development and avoid problems that could harm their health, while making the most of their abilities and qualities of the moment.

The main objectives are:

  • Complete acquisition of balance
  • Developing a sense of orientation in space
  • Work on the coordination of movements
  • Work around responsiveness
  • Focus on symmetrical work (to work equally left and right side of the body).

Find the shortest way to respond, develop the reflexes of the human body involving educational and sports related games still in survival system OIS KRAV MAGA way.

The course will also focus on:

  • Analysis of the actions of others that require on the part of the child a physical response (do not fight for nothing, for example).

des cours
Paris 16ème

- 19H30/21H30 : Cours Mixtes


- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Mixtes


- 17H00/18H00 : Cours Enfants

- 18H00/19H00 : Cours Enfants

- 19H00/20H00 : Cours Ados

- 20H00/22H00 : Cours Femmes


- 20H00/21H30 : Cours Mixtes

- 21H30/22H30 : Cours Combat

- 10h30/12h30 : Cours Mixtes

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