OIS Emeth
Krav Maga


Emeth Krav Maga comes directly from the Original Krav Maga, the one created by Imi Lichtenfeld (Imi Sde-Or) Chief Instructor of the IDF Israel Defense Force, who served in the IDF from 1948 to 1964.

Refining and developing his method of Self Defense, his philosophy was to give the fighter the basic tools needed to fight the enemy, especially in situations where the fighter could not work out a long time.
This philosophy was dictated by the place where he was, with the need to defend himself quickly without unnecessary...
Since the birth of the state of Israel, it faces not only wars, permanent tensions but also terrorism, this latent terrorist lurking around every corner street and not just in high-risk areas.
In 2012, Aaron ELBAZE created his own system the OIS OPERATIVE SYSTEM ISRAELI, Emeth Krav Maga.
This creation is part of a comprehensive self-serving logic of an increasingly sophisticated research, with an adaptation to the ground realities.
OIS - Emeth Krav Maga is considered as one of the most effective methods. The serious and rigorous of its training is unanimously recognized among professionals.
A unique cooperation is established with the Academic College at Wingate in Israel, where the OIS is nicknamed "True Krav Maga" or "Emeth Krav Maga" in Hebrew.

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